For the first time ASPPC has accomplished 200% of the plan and achived 92 million Egyptian pounds revenue……. ASPPC Establish the first project in the field to raise the quality of roads in Egypt to reach the international standerds…… El-Malla praises the board of directors’ efforts.

  • The general assembly of Alexandria Specialty Petroleum product company (ASPPC) was held yesterday, under the lead of eng. Tarek El-Malla, Minister of petroleum and mineral resources, in presence of Eng. Abed Ezz- elreagal, the executive chief of Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and representatives.
  • Dr. Mossad El-Kasaby has presented the significant results of work through the last financial year 2020/2021, where the company has established for the first time, th plan by 200% of the planned work. The total production and sales of bitumen emulsions, compound waxes and Vaseline in all types reached 741 million Egyptian pounds. The revenues reached 93 million Egyptian pounds. On the other hand, Eng. Tarek El-Malla praised the results of activities achieved through the year, and advised to present all means of support possible for ASPPC.
  • One senior petroleum authority official stated that the performance rate of ASPPC fopr the year 2020/2021 has been achieved fully for the first time under the command of Dr. Mossad El-Kasaby – general manager and the managing director of ASPPC. He added that there will be new projects in the next period such as polymer modified bitumen project, where such project keeps up with the international standards of quality for roads. This project is said to cover the escalating needs of the national project of paving roads and maintenance to reduce imports and increase the national income.