ASPPC bitumen production and its types project proposal

Design capacity: 300.000 ton/hour.

Technology: (bitumen mild blowing process).

Estimated cost: 35 M€ (80% foreign currency, 20% Egyptian pound).

Implementation period: 18 months from contracting date.


  • Bitumen 70/60: part of the product is used in bitumen emulsions and solution by amount of 40.000 – 30.000 ton/hour.
  • Bitumen 50/40: (30% of total production capacity) it is highly demanded by the general authority for roads, bridges and land transport, Engineering authority of the armed forces, and other engineering consultants. We are in process of coordinating with each organization
  • Polymer modified bitumen: it is produced to modify some of the road bitumen characteristics to increase the life-span of the road. This product is optional and provided upon agreement.

Project advantages:

  • Reducing of bitumen exportation through providing the needed high quality bitumen of all types for paving roads with amount of 300.00 ton/hour to fill the gap between consumption and exportation, under the umbrella of the national project for paving roads adopted by the state’s road future plan 2050.
  • Proposing new types of highly demanded bitumen 50/40 and polymer modified bitumen.
  • Securing the supply of the raw material nationally through coordinating with the domestic petroleum companies.
  • Cooperating with the leading international companies in this field of technology.