Industrial Emulsion Unit (100)

  • The product MC-30 was produced and admitted by the General Authority for roads, bridges and land transport, after the continues self-attempts to produce new products, due to the lack of exportation process as a result to the absence of competition in both local and international markets.
  • ASPPC carried out minor amendments such as instilling heavy derrick inside the unit to help in loading the light cargo vehicles.
  • In 2011, ASPPC has signed a corporation protocol with both Misr petroleum and Copetrol to sell product MC-30 &T-COAT.
  • Due to the escalating demand of MC-30 product, there were several amendments on the unit to keep up with the clients’ requests, as an example, installing external heavy derrick for cargo vehicles with large load capacity.
  • ASPPC became the sole producer to produce and load MC-30 product in barrel.
  • 6- The operating system was changed from batch operation to semi continuous operation, other unites are operating now in continuous operation state.
  • Thanks to the efforts exerted by the engineering general management department, the production capacity of the unit was raised by 300%.
  • ASPPC is considered now a strategic partner in executing the national project for paving roads.

Road Emulsion Unit (200 )

  • New products, such as MC-3000, were produced to cope with the demand of clients. As well as the admission of T-coat product by the General Authority for roads, bridges and land transport. Furthermore, the chemical laboratories and the marketing general management department have set the connections with several companies and authorities such as, the general the General Authority for roads, bridges and land transport, Smart roads Company, and Alexandria mineral oils Co. (AMOC) where new products were produced such as, CQS & ASPPC-213.
  • Some amendments were performed to keep up with the escalating demand of clients on these products, in addition to upgrading the control system with self-effort rather than seeking help from COLAS Company. This is considered a great achievement done with minimal cost in comparison with the costs of upgrading with the help of COLAS Company.