Granting (ASPPC) the ISO certificate for quality integration

Alexandria Specialty petroluem products company (ASPPC) has honerd the Internal Auditing team in the company for their outstanding efforts and contribution in optaining the Quality managment Certification ISO 9001-2015 under the auspices of PhD. Mossad El- Kassaby, Chairman of board and Managing Director.

ASPPC Microsurfacing Asphelt Mix

ASPPC to share in TransMEA 2020

A pilot study for developing some production units

Due to the escalating demand of some ASPPC products, there were several amendments on Industrial Emulsion Unit (100) and Road Emulsion Unit (200) to keep up with the clients’ requests.

ASPPC contribution in the transport smart technology exhibition Trans-MEA 2020

ASPPC bitumen production and its types project proposal

Alexandria Specialty petroleum Products company has obtained the international standard for quality management system certification "ISO 9001" on thursday 11 th of february 2021